Approved Vegan Beauty Products Testing Solution via MSL

20 August 2019

MSL have spent over 12 months developing an alternative testing solution to test vegan cosmetic products using alternative dehydrated culture media which are totally free from any animal by-products. From our extensive research, a better Vegan Beauty Products testing solution was required and our team of in-house specialists aimed to find one which eliminated the need for animal-based products being used in the process.

All microbiological tests require dehydrated culture media (DCM). They are a critical part of the process along with the neutralisation step, there are very few exceptions.

The main reasons for developing in-house test methods which do not compromise the vegan lifestyle when testing cosmetic products are:

  1. Vegans are currently unaware that DCM used in the test is derived from some form of animal proteins. Research shows that a large number of Vegans would prefer a more ethical solution to testing Vegan beauty products.
  2. No other laboratory is offering this solution

Development of our own in-house DCM formulations give the laboratory greater flexibility and Commercially, these complex formulations are not available and if they were would be significantly more expensive than the current non-vegan ones which are available. MSL have scoured the world to look for acceptable quality alternatives to replace the animal-derived traditional ingredients. The number of ingredients we are using to achieve the best results come from a plant based sources or synthetic equivalents.

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