Could Unilever’s ‘Tinder for ideas’ app reinvent beauty R&D? via Cosmetics Design Europe

20 August 2019

Unilever’s recently announced an app aimed at simplifying concept phase development and it has got beauty professional’s tongues wagging. Cosmetics Design brought news of this development to our readers in an article written by Natasha Spencer, and it was little surprise that it became one of our top-hitting stories in recent months.

Called Idea Swipe and developed in house, the app can be easily downloaded by consumers and beauty professionals alike to present new ideas associated with product development to discover how popular they are. Swipe right for a yes! Based on the Tinder dating app concept, where users swipe right on a prole they like, and left on a prole they are not interested in, Idea Swipe can be used to accumulate very useful data to determine whether or not a product development idea is likely to be a winner or not.

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