Metabolomics opens a path to personalized skincare via Nature Research Custom Media

20 August 2019

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Nature Research Custom Media

By studying skin metabolites, researchers at The Estée Lauder Companies are defining targetable biological differences between young and aging skin as a function of time.

The skin is a complex organ — and creating skincare products that work effectively requires complex science. At The Estée Lauder Companies, Dr. Nadine Pernodet leads a team that uses state-of-the-art ‘omics’ technologies to beat back visible signs of aging. Pernodet explains how a systems biology approach to beauty research could help advance a new era of precision skincare.

How do so-called ‘omics’ technologies inform your approach to skin research and product development?

The world of ‘omics’ has really helped us connect different molecular pathways and define biological networks to improve our basic understanding of how skin works. We’ve learned that we have to consider the skin as an entire system, not just as a series of individual layers or cell types. By studying the interconnectedness of these different pathways, we have found ways to affect behavior and improve skin’s appearance.

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