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A unique platform dedicated to preclinical and clinical testing 


A platform launched in 2016, in response to a real need of manufacturers.

Skinobs is the 1st referral platform for preclinical and clinical testing. The purpose of the platform is to offer beauty industry professionals around the world, an intuitive and free database with all skin, nail, and hair testing solutions. A comprehensive and independent tool, Skinobs offers two platforms dedicated to preclinical tests (in-silico, in-tubo, in-vitro or ex-vivo) and clinical tests (in-vivo on humans) to optimize product development in terms of performance, cost, speed, and innovation.


Global reach and direct access to testing professionals

Skinobs allows R&D managers, formulators, marketing or regulatory managers, cosmetic brands, and active ingredient manufacturers, to identify for all claims, the best methods and measuring devices but also test laboratories. This allows direct and easy contact between professionals and efficient and fast exchanges. Today Skinobs has more than 7,000 users from 93 nationalities.


Two databases, to better understand preclinical and clinical testing

The clinical studies platform lists 203 claims, 455 methods and 187 test laboratories, and the preclinical trials platform lists 350 methods, 53 mechanisms of action and 204 test laboratories.

To ensure the quality of the referenced information, Skinobs contacts each of the laboratories to know exactly the content of their expertise and the tests available. Thus, you access verified information, and you find the right partners to develop your products in the best possible way.

These two platforms help users throughout the search process, thanks to an intuitive dashboard, numerous filters, allowing them to choose from different categories of tests, claims, types of analyses for example.


The news feed, a real opening to the field of tests dedicated to the dermocosmetics industry

Launched in 2015, and now with more than 4,000 articles, the blog in French and English, is the only media about the evaluation of the beauty industry. It offers the possibility of a search engine or a selection by filter. In addition, every Tuesday it becomes a newsletter that shares for free the best articles on innovations and trends in the world of testing and beauty, to more than 7,000 professional subscribers, every Tuesday.


Skinobs is an effective solution to share with evaluation managers around the world,

all information on tests, studies, and trials of any kind.



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The Skinobs' partners


A collaborative project

Since the very beginning of the Skinobs platform project in 2014, testing laboratories as well as skin and hair analysis manufacturers have been involved in the first reflections on the essential information to be made available to clinical evaluation professionals.

Beyond the many exchanges carried out with the evaluation managers of active ingredient and cosmetics brands, we wanted to collect the information sharing needs of testing actors in France and abroad. They are the ones who, based on a database of information that we entrusted to them, supplemented, commented on and shared with us their wise recommendations on the important search criteria.

First, the manufacturers of measuring devices allowed us to associate each of their instrumentation with product claims, thus making it easier to search by claim. The CROs, for their part, collaborated by specifying for each center, which devices were used all over the world.


Shared trust

This work of setting up the database took more than a year, and then collecting the initial information for another year. This collection of information started in 2016 and has never been interrupted since, allowing the qualification of exhaustive information and a continuous updating of new products, whether they are new claims, new devices or new laboratories. It should be noted that the referencing of a device or a laboratory does not require any subscription, that compliance with the referencing process is the only requirement we have. Financial contribution remains an option.

From the first year of the launch of Skinobs, device manufacturers and test laboratories joined the circle of our partners, privileged customers that we were keen to highlight both on the platform with a preferential ranking in the list of search results, their logos in dedicated spaces and a complete company file as well as in the various media of Skinobs.


Valuable sharing

These informative publications with evaluation managers on test trends and innovations is a valuable and unique sharing, varied in its frequency, its means of dissemination and in its content. Skinobs' circle of partners thus communicates their know-how of clinical and preclinical studies to a privileged target via:

  • The Cosmetics Testing News, a blog in 2015 that has become a weekly newsletter in English and a monthly newsletter in French with more than 7,000 subscribers and more than 5500 article reads per month.
  • The ZOOM is a digital and printed magazine 3 times a year in which are gathered articles on a theme or on the news of each of the partners.
  • The FOCUS is a bi-annual newsletter, which brings together in long articles expert opinions on a particular test theme: anti-aging, tolerance, hair products, etc.
  • Post-show webinars where Skinobs summarizes the trends related to a salon around the world whether in Europe, USA, Asia or Latin America Shared stands under the banner "We are Testing" that take place at the main trade fairs around the world.
  • Cosmetotest, the scientific symposium dedicated to preclinical and clinical tests, organized since 2021 in collaboration with the scientific association Cosmet'inLyon


A unique collaborative model

The circle of Skinobs partners has grown year after year, French, European, North American, South American, Asian and is growing serenely. These Skinobs partners are the main support for the development of the platform, its continuous updating. Without any commission after the contact between the test managers and the laboratories, it is these commercial and media collaborations that allow free access to all users of the platform worldwide. In 2023, there are more than 6,600 Skinobs users from 84 <span data

And everything becomes possible, so easily. Test our solution for free :
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