Explore the Sensorial User Experience with the Community Tool by Imasens

28 June 2022

During the home test, a community online is set up to collect the instant feedback of consumers

Objective : to collect insights and illustrative material during the home test about current product VS new formula.

  • Perceived benefits
  • What is liked / disliked
  • Instant feedbacks
  • Uploading of video and pictures of consumer experience

Access of feedback in real time.

  • Participants can record a video response directly on the platform from any device.
  • The video is then automatically transcribed into text.
  • Generation of constantly updated insights via an insight view console.


  • Inclusion of consumers in an online community
  • Collect of feedback every 3 or 4 days
  • At least 1 video by member to illustrate user experience


Example of a study design

Consistency a new formula with a new concept VS the current product (innovation / renovation)

Mixed qualitative / quantitative approach


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