A tool for the ecological transition: the eToxiSafe calculator by Toxi Plan

24 May 2022

Toxi Plan, a company founded in 2019, with a simple objective: to develop an evaluation approach in ecotoxicology in the face of the absence of European regulations in this area.

Toxi Plan’s raison d’être is to protect the environment through its expertise in ecotoxicology and its supercomputer that predicts the toxic impact of finished products on aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. Concretely, the calculator makes it possible to establish for any finished product (cosmetic, detergent, pharmaceutical, …) its toxic impact on the environment by associating the evaluated hazards of each component and the instructions for use of the finished product.

Why is it innovative? Because here the goal is not to evaluate the simple “danger” but the “risk”, that is, as the founder Grégory Voisin specifies, “the risk = the danger X the exposure”.



After this 1st step, the manufacturer then has 3 choices: reduce the share of the problematic ingredient,  completely review its formula, or change the mode of use of the product. Then follows a new test phase (in-vivo experimentation) which makes it possible to obtain the “e-toxisafe” logo, the only one today to be so demanding on the micro-pollution generated.



Grégory Voisin

Fondateur et Président Toxicologue


78 Allée Jean Jaurès

31000 Toulouse – France


Toxi Plan | Your Safety & Regulatory Partner in Europe/ Middle-East/ Africa

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