How Simple and Easy it is to Measure Trans Epidermal Water Loss by Delfin Technologies

29 June 2021


The VapoMeter video provides an elegant introduction to how simple and easy it is to measure transepidermal water loss (TEWL) and other evaporation rates with the Delfin VapoMeter.

The measurement of TEWL is important for wide range of clinical and personal care applications, providing key information about skin’s conditon and skin barrier function.

As a closed chamber instrument the Delfin VapoMeter offers many benefits for TEWL measurements.

TEWL measurements with the Delfin VapoMeter are not disturbed by ambient airflows, allowing orientation free measurements at virtually all body sites.

The Delfin VapoMeter is scientifically validated and tested to measure both high and low TEWL values accurately and the hand-held portable design and wireless capability of the VapoMeter makes it extremely flexible and easy to use in a range of clinical and research applications.

The benefits and the simplicity of the Delfin VapoMeter are visualized in the video and presented in a simple Scandinavian style. Delfin is aiming to launch videos for multiple instruments during the up-coming months. The sophisticated technological solutions of Delfin instruments are a result of years of continuous and dedicated product development.

The Delfin VapoMeter has been used in numerous studies related to the skin and there are a lot of publications available for reference.

The videos will be available on Delfin website.


The Delfin team is more than willing to share its experience, built up over decades.



Delfin Technologies Ltd

Kuopio, Finland

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