Phylogene Webinar with Skinobs 14th December: How to Quantify Effects on Skin of Microbiota Disorders with the Metaproteomic Approach?

14 December 2021

Discover the innovative metaproteomic approach that Phylogene develops to answer your need of claim substantiation. Skinobs is glad to offer this webinar with Phylogene presenting innovative perspectives to evaluate the effects on the skin microbiota disorders.

Webinar organization

  • Date:
  • Time: 15:00 pm – 16:00 pm [CET]
  • Duration : 20 minutes and 15 minutes Questions and Answers session
  • Location: virtual conference. Please send an email to Ophélie at

In this webinar “How to Quantify the Effect on Skin of Microbiota Disorder with the Metaproteomic Approach? Mr Romuald Arnaud will present the metaproteomic approach to investigate the effect of actives and dermocosmetics on the skin microbiota. Among other things, the following topics will be discussed.

  • The contribution of next generation sequencing with associated bioinformatics
  • The functional role of skin associated with the microbiota
  • The innovative pipeline for skin related disorders
  • The functional  interactions between host/microbiota in an atopic dermatitis

Skin is the largest organ to repel attacks from external agents and functioning as both a physical and  immunological barrier, performing a wide range of innate and adaptive immune functions. Its  glandular nature and bacteria rich composition is making it prone to inflammation and infections.

Until  now usage of high throughput next generation sequencing with associated bioinformatics has paved the way for a better understanding of skinrelated disorders, the functional role of skin associated  microbiota remains however poorly explored and documented.

Phylogene, pioneering in metaproteomic approaches for microbiota functions in healthcare, developed an innovative pipeline for skin related disorders.

During this webinar a metaproteomic analysis to unravel functional  interactions between host / microbiota in an atopic dermatitis context will be presented.

Omics with  associated bioinformatics are the latest technologies to fill the gap in host / microbiome studies and  are invaluable tools to uncover mechanisms of action underlying the pathophysiology of skinrelated




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