A new in-vitro Microbiome Model to Support Skin Imperfection Claims by Phenocell

23 September 2021

It is well-known that skin microbiome dysregulation causes acne. Excessive sebum production by sebocytes leads to C.bacterium over-proliferation inside the hair follicle. Among others, this causes skin inflammation, redness and pimples.

Active ingredients modulating unbalanced microbiome effects can help restore a healthier skin.

To help identify such ingredients and evaluate their efficacy, Phenocell has developed an innovative model, based on sebocytes and supernatant from acne inducing C.bacterium strains.

In this model, pro-inflammatory cytokine secretion can be evaluated in parallel with sebum production, over a range of ethnic background (Caucasian, Asian and African).


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Julien Maruotti

Chief Scientific Officer


Tel: +33(0)4 89 35 43 32


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