Anti-Blue Light and Explant Assays by CIDP

23 September 2021

CIDP has developed monochromatic lamps which mimic blue light obtained from the sun and digital devices.

Using these blue light sources, the protective and/or repairing effect of cosmetic products can be demonstrated using human skin explants and further be confirmed with the different clinical methodologies that have been developed at CIDP.

Biological markers such as ROS, lipid peroxidation and protein carbonylation can be used to evaluate the efficacy of the product against the oxidative stress induced by blue light.

More downstream effectors can also be monitored in human skin explants such as:

  • the collagenase
  • MMP-1,
  • pro-collagen and
  • collagen.

Protection against the pigmenting effect of blue light can also be evaluated ex vivo and/or in vivo.

All protocols proposed by CIDP include a combination of biophysical and biochemical evaluations to objectively demonstrate the potential effectiveness of cosmetic products.

The CIDP team also offers its clients guidance and editorial support for all scientific and medical writing.


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