Beauty 2021 Predictions, via The Beauty Shortlist

23 February 2021

What’s on the horizon in 2021?

Change is in the air, that’s for sure.

Comfort, resilience and the uplifting power of beauty and self-care products have never been more important, while specific “trends” like the call for more inclusive beauty brands aren’t just trends, they’re a top priority.

KEY WORDS 2021: eyes, hands (obviously), affirmations, celestial & crystal beauty, stress-less, simplicity, sunlight, clarity, resilience, community, plastic-free, plant-a-tree, Scandinavian, planet-friendly, healing, havening, soothing, stabilising, sensorial, strengthening, slowing down, grounding, supporting, giving-back, rebalancing, mood-boosting, “moodtropics”, immunity, gut-brain, brain health, nature, sanctuary, connection, at-home rituals (relaxing facials, mineral salt baths), CBD everything, deep rest, calming our nervous systems, sleep is the ultimate luxury, and finding joy in the year we all hope will be the upswing.

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Published by The Beauty Shortlist on January 31th, 2021

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