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2 April 2020

“Try fasting! Do more cardio! Eat kale!”

One-size-fits-all recommendations like these ignore one important truth: everyone is different. What worked for some won’t necessarily work for you. That’s where Oura comes in. With Oura, you will receive personalized sleep, recovery, and activity guidance each day, empowering you to own your own health.

Easy to Use

  • Sleep naturally: The Oura ring is one of the smallest and most comfortable ways to monitor your sleep. With no flashing lights or vibrations, Oura maintains its low profile—ensuring you stay sound asleep.
  • Stick to what you know: Go about your day without having to worry about tightening a strap or packing a charger. Oura’s strong battery life means you can leave the charger at home. It’s also water and temperature resistant.
  • Use your favorite apps: Oura’s sleep monitoring is unrivaled, but we acknowledge that other tools are awesome when it comes to measuring activity. With Oura’s Apple Health and Google Fit integrations, you can continue using your favorite workout apps while wearing your Oura ring.

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