Disposable Baby Nappies: Vigilance Against Contaminants by Eurofins Cosmetics & Personal Care

13 April 2021

In its 2019 expert appraisal, the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety, ANSES, highlighted the health risks to babies associated with the presence of chemicals of concern in disposable baby nappies.

Eurofins, a pioneer in analyses of single-use nappies, has developed and implemented, in collaboration with SCL (Common Laboratories Services) and DGCCRF, the SCL testing protocol for contaminants, including migration with urine stimulant (ANSES note published in March 2020).

Eurofins is a key partner to ensure the compliance of your baby nappies by offering a 3-step full testing protocol:

  • threshold contaminants,
  • prohibited contaminants,
  • vigilance list of contaminants.

Eurofins offers a complete portfolio of services to ensure the compliance of your hygiene products (including baby nappies):

  • risk assessment studies,
  • claims support,
  • laboratory performance tests,
  • weight decomposition,
  • microbiological analyses,
  • in vitro cytotoxicity tests,
  • clinical studies,
  • sensorial panels, lambda panel tests etc…






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