L’Oréal Patents Protein Biomarker Analysis And Skin Diagnostics System For Highly Personalised Skin Care via Glam Bam News

1 September 2021

L’Oréal writes in its international patent that the two-pronged system was developed for use in a clinical or retail environment and delivers results on a digital device such as a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. These skin trend predictions could then either be used to mix drug formulations tailored to specific needs and predictions, or used to make recommendations on existing products.

Certain biomarkers related to “clinical signs of aging”

Biomarker analysis, according to L’Oréal, is an increasingly used “non-invasive” way to measure different protein concentrations in the skin; many of these have been associated with clinical signs of aging and the response or non-response to certain drugs such as retinol. For example, biomarker FLG2 correlated with clinical signs of shiny and rough skin; the eye wrinkle IDE biomarker; the LCN1 biomarker with loss of elasticity; and the YKL40 and TG3 biomarkers indicate whether a person would respond to retinol to improve wrinkles under the eyes – all shown by clinical studies.

“Systems and methods that use the biomarker concentration information to generate recommendations for skin care products and enhance those recommendations to reflect predicted skin trends are also desired,” she added.

L’Oréal’s two-pronged biomarker analysis and skin diagnosis system made both possible and, above all, also took into account additional environmental and behavioral factors such as stress, climate, diet and solar radiation – obtained from a consumer survey. In addition, a feedback loop is integrated, which makes it possible to adapt tailor-made skin care products accordingly in the future, it said.

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