New Insights Why Consumers Use Skin Lightening Products via Teknoscienze

26 January 2021

Claims for skin lightening/whitening cosmetic products have achieved notoriety, finally coming to a head with the anger of the Black Lives Movement. This has forced cosmetic companies to face up to the fact that they have been deliberately or non-deliberately fuel-ling colourism. Ayton Global Research and Callaghan Consulting International executed a consumer-use market research across 6 countries into the usage of these product types, and exactly what consumers thought of them and why they used them. The prelim-inary findings are presented with ‘even skin tone’ and ‘beautiful skin’ being the key driv-ers and not ‘skin lightening or whitening’. Care must be given to the choice of wording when it comes to creating claims for these types of products and more consideration to the consumers who use them, providing for better claims compliance in terms of product ‘honesty’, ‘fairness’ and ‘informed decision.’


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