Shampoo Bars: Clinical Studies on Tolerance and Effectiveness with Intertek

21 June 2021

Shampoo bars are a growing trend for consumers who are looking for alternatives to hair care products which are packaged in plastic bottles and to reduce their impact on the environment.

Intertek, through its network of clinical experts and professional hairdressers, can assist you in conducting tolerance and efficacy studies for your new shampoo bar products:

  • Scalp examination: dandruff, erythema, dryness, greasy scalp
  • Functional signs: tightness, itching, tingling
  • Shine of the hair and hydration of the scalp
  • Rinseability and more

For all types of hair products, we can assist you in your clinical studies

Anti-hair loss effect

Our technicians study hair growth uses a phototrichogram technique to support Anti-hair loss effect claims

This approach allows us to measure different parameters of hair growth: total density, the ratio of anagen to telogen hair, percentage of telogen hair, speed of growth, etc. The phototrichogram is performed on a fixed area of the scalp, where the hair is shaved before a first macrophotograph. A second macrophotograph made 2 days later allows to differentiate anagen hair from telogen hair.

To evaluate the effectiveness of an anti-hair loss product, we propose 2 methods:

  • The classic method: taking photographs with the Canfield Epiflash followed by hair counting by our technicians,
  • The automated method: taking photographs with the Fotofinder Dermascope followed by hair counting with the Trichoscale software.

Anti-dandruff effectiveness

To test the effectiveness of your products, our technicians evaluate the amount of dandruff of volunteers before and after using your products. This evaluation is visual (scoring), achieved using scales.

The effectiveness of an anti-dandruff product is demonstrated when the dandruff score decreases significantly at the end of the study, compared to the score before use. Samples from the dandruff areas of volunteers (Dsquams, swabs…) can also be taken for analysis in our laboratory.

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