Under Scrutiny: ‘Viral’ Beauty Products Among the 18 New Categories China Will Monitor more Closely for Safety Risks via Cosmetics Design Asia

21 September 2021

China’s food and drug regulator has issued a notice stating that it plans to monitor the safety of 18 cosmetic categories – including products that have gone viral through the Internet.

The National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) outlined a proposal to scrutinise the safety of cosmetic products under the National Cosmetics Safety Risk Monitoring Plan.
The operation is a response to the cosmetic safety risks discovered in recent years, said the NMPA.
The published document said the objective of the operation was “to monitor and evaluate the risk factors affecting the quality and safety of cosmetics, to provide a scientific basis for the formulation of cosmetics quality and safety risk control measures and standards” Furthermore, it added that cosmetic safety risk monitoring can provide direction and reference for the
formulation and improvement of China’s cosmetic standards.

New targets on the board

In the first half of the year, the NMPA monitored and evaluated hair care and children cosmetic products.
The latest plan, which will be carried out over the second half of the year, the NMPA expanded its scope and said it would be zeroing in on a total of 18 categories.
In addition to hair care and children’s cosmetics, the new categories include products such as anti-wrinkle, anti-itching, make-up, skin whitening, children’s toothpaste, and foot products.
Furthermore, the document also stated that the NMPA will be closely monitoring beauty products that have become immensely popular over the Internet.

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By Amanda Lim – 03-Aug-2021

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