ZOOM#17, Nail Evaluation, in vitro Claim support and the Latest Trends of our Partners

29 October 2020


The last quarter of a memorable year, during which each structure managed with agility to meet the commitments made and to get organised with the new constraints linked to this unprecedented health crisis. Preclinical CROs continue their development new structures emerge and a dynamic network for innovation is maintained. The clinical CROs have mostly adapted to more «contactless» practices. An energetic cohesion of the testing field is palpable, certain that changes are possible and that they will allow the players in the sector a constructive deployment of their activity.

In this newsletter we will focus on the nail evaluation and propose a discussion on in vitro testing. Then we will present you the latest innovations of our partners: Cerco, Eotech, Eurofins, I.E.C, Microfactory, Newtone, Phylogene, Validated Claim Support, Grupo Investiga, Pixience, Datacapt, Vitroscreen and Phenocell.

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Download the complete ZOOM#17: ZOOM#17 -Testing trends nails evaluation – in vitro efficacy testing – Skinobs.web

We will have special focus on the latest news of our partners:

  • All in one solution by Newtone for hand back skin and nails analysis.
  • Review and new research areas by Vitroscreen
  • Your cosmetic claims on skin explants with Phylogene.
  • in vivo/in vitro correlation on antiperspirant evaluations by Microfactory.
  • Ex-vivo hair testing by Eotech.
  • Objectivation of skin aging by IEC.
  • Eurofins-Dermscanquantifies the performance of nail care.
  • A complete custom tailored GCP by Validated Claim Support.
  • Pixience Innovates with An Objective Measure Of Nail Polish Resistance by Pixience.
  • Long lasting of varnish by CERCO.
  • Acne & Pigmentation claim validation with innovative ethnic-specific assays by Phenocell.
  • How to evaluate the integrity of the nail, by Allergisa.
  • Take your clinical trials to the next level with Datacapt.


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Anne Charpentier

Skinobs Founder

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