ZOOM#18, Evaluation of the Cutaneous Microbiota, a Global View of the Preclinical Testing and the Latest News of our Partners

19 March 2021


A new year to follow the developments in the field of testing!

In-vivo, clinical or biometrological evaluation protocols adapt as much to new cosmetic uses as to mask wearing. The skin physiology is thus studied in the light of the varied impacts of this unprecedented lifestyle. In-vitro and ex-vivo assays developed based on antibacterial activities of course but also on the analysis of skin biomarkers with 3D skin models -bioprinted or not – increasingly specific and sophisticated.

In this newsletter we will share with you the good traffic increase of the platforms during 2020, mirror of our commitment to improve the search ergonomy and update the database with the latest technologies.

Thus, we will focus on the microbiota evaluation and propose a discussion on the in-vivo, ex-vivo and in-vitro testing. As always we will give direct news from our partners: Cerco, Ellead, Eurofins, Evalulab, Helioscreen, Intertek, Microfactory, My Microbiome, Phenocell, Phylogene, Validated Claim Support, Zurko.

Download the Newsletter :ZOOM18- Microbiota-Preclinical testing.web

Our Partner News

  • Cosmetics and Cannabis by Eurofins Cosmetics & Personal Care
  • The «Nonstop» Assessment of Anti-oxidation in-vitro and in-vivo Tests from Ingredients to Cosmetics by Ellead
  • Repeatable and Reproducible in-vitro Sunscreen Tests by HelioScreen
  • Study Impact of Subjective Panels versus Expert/Objective Assessed Conditions by Validated Claim Support
  • Microbiome-friendly Seal for High-quality Beauty Products by MyMicrobiome
  • Irritation and Sensitization Clinical Testing by Evalulab
  • The Choice of the Relevant Techniques by CERCO
  • Optimize the Development Time by Adopting Smart-pore™ and SOD4 by Microfactory.
  • Microbiome Friendly Characterized by Phylogene’s Expertise
  • The study of the cutaneous microbiota, 16SRNA or qPCR: which approach to choose in clinical studies? By Intertek
  • Inflammation objectivation by Cutibacterium acnes in Human iPSC Sebocytes by Phenocell
  • Carrying out microbiome in-vitro studies to analyze microorganism under the face mask by Zurko


A Great Success

The latest statistics of the platforms traffic

There are more and more users of the platforms and here is a summary of the very good audience of 2020.
We are delighted with this success and we thank you for your interest:

Optimize Your Search

Webinar tips and questions

While waiting to see you again in “flesh and blood”, we offer you 2 webinars, in English, to share tips and good research practices on platforms so that you find in a few clicks all the relevant information necessary for the smooth process of your evaluation projects:

  • PRECLINICAL TESTING: on Wenesday 17th March, 3.00 pm – 3.30 pm.
  • CLINICAL TESTING: on Tuesday, 24th March, 3.00 pm – 3.30 pm.
How it works: 15 minutes of presentation and 15 minutes of questions/answers.
Thanks in advance for sending a confirmation email to Opheli at orebillard@skinobs.com, we will send you the link by return.

Stay Safe and See You Soon!
Happy reading

Anne Charpentier
Skinobs Founder

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