ZOOM#20, in vitro and in vivo Evaluation of the Biomechanical Properties of the Skin, and Latest News of our Partners

23 September 2021


In this digitally favorable period, Skinobs is enthusiastically settling into the global landscape of evaluation testing of cosmetic active ingredients and finished products. Through diligent collaborative work with laboratories and instrumentation manufacturers, we share sorted and qualified technological information with more than 4000 cosmeticians of 85 nationalities.

It has never been easier to identify the best methods and be in contact with the most relevant providers. Each month, you can join the Live webinars presenting best practices to accelerate your search of testing solutions.

For this ZOOM, we discuss the objectivation of the effect on cutaneous Biomechanical Properties using both in-vivo studies and in-vitro and ex-vivo assays.

Please find in this Newsletter the latest news of our partners’: C+K, CIDP, Complife, Ellead, Eotech, Eurofins, FEBEA, Helioscreen, IEC, Intertek, Princeton Consumer Research, Phenocell, Phylogene, Zurko.

Download the entire ZOOM#20: ZOOM#20 – Biomechanical Properties . Skinobs

Our partner news:

  • Biomechanical Properties of the Skin: Interest of the Tactile Clinical Approach by Eurofins
  • IEC: Biomechanical and Dynamic Expertise of the Skin since 1994
  • Preclinical Testing: Which Assays to Analyse the Cutaneous Mechanical Integrity with Complife Group
  • Application Gestures and Biomechanical Properties by Intertek
  • Skin Biomechanical Properties and Anti-aging Products by Princeton Consumer Research
  • Omics Analysis of the Extra-cellular Matrix Components by Phylogene
  • A New in-vitro Microbiome Model to support Skin Imperfection Claims by Phenocell
  • New in-vitro Sand Resistance Method for Sunscreen Products by Helioscreen
  • Ellead Conducts the Skin Penetration in-vivo Test Through Raman Spectroscopy
  • Anti-Blue Light and Explant Assays by CIDP
  • Audit your Solar Test Providers with FEBEA
  • Skin Firmness Evaluation with the DynaSKIN -2 by Eotech
  • Gold-standard in measuring the mechanical properties of skin by C+K
  • How to evaluate the Biomechanical Properties of the skin? By Zurko research


Skinobs Platforms, two Unique Tools to Accelerate your Testing Research

In 2020, Skinobs launched the Preclinical Testing Platform, four years after the Clinical one. This new tool dedicated to in-vitro and ex-vivo testing already cumulate more than 1,000 users and 26,000 page viewed. The access to the platforms is free and reserved to cosmeticians.

As in the Clinical Testing Platform, you can search your tests by claim, and find all the assays and their providers around the world. You can also have a direct contact by email with the testing laboratories, without any commission. For both platforms, each referenced test is validated by its provider, offering robust and reliable information.

We are proud to offer the Beauty industry a unique 360° vision of testing possibilities. We continually update the testing solutions to share with you all the new trends of the dermocosmetics testing field. In July, we just added two new categories on the Preclinical Testing Platform referencing Regulatory & Toxicology consulting.

We remain available to answer you at contact@skinobs.com, we would be glad to help you in your testing projects. See you soon on the platforms!

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Anne Charpentier
Skinobs Founder & CEO



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