Hair tests at the Syres Test Bar

13 January 2022

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We carried out consumer tests in Flash test mode in the presence of a hairdresser in the Syres Test Bar in Paris, specially equipped for hair product testing with shampoo chairs. The hairdresser carried out the care(s) on the volunteers recruited according to a protocol defined with the brand of hair products.

During the application of the treatment, drying and combing, the hairdresser was able to appreciate the effectiveness of the products. The panelists included in the study shared their feelings in the different stages of the Bio shampoo tested.

Another group followed the same study protocol with a routine of bio shampoo and conditioner.


The panelists were delighted with the progress of this consumer test, to be supported by a professional hairdresser and to test new products. With the wet hair, they were able to feel and evaluate the softness and disentangling of their hair, with the  shampoo alone or in routine.

They then dried their hair and styled themselves, according to their habit, in the presence of the hairdresser.

The Syres’ team collected a lot of information on the spot, spontaneous comments from the hairdresser but also from the panelists throughout the different stages of the treatment. Finally, the self-assessment questionnaire completed by each of the volunteers proved to be a very interesting synthesis of their feelings.


In conclusion, these consumer tests within the “test bar” in Paris allow:

  • to set up a customized protocol to answer the brand’s objectives,
  • to bring a friendly and warm moment to the panelists and
  • to obtain very positive results on the use, the feeling of the product, the effectiveness of the care.


The results are there in a few figures:

  • Untangled hair for 90% of the panelists,
  • Easy styling for 80% of women,
  • Soft, light, shiny and more beautiful hair for 80% of volunteers,
  • Delicately scented hair for more than 85% of them


We are at your disposal if you want to carry out hair tests on site, with tailor-made protocols!

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