Innovative Solution to Evaluate Color and Erythema on Scalp with C-Cube by Pixience

21 June 2021

French leader in digital dermoscopy, Pixience works closely with dermatologists and researchers to develop high quality products for skin and hair imaging and analysis. We strive to bring you innovative instruments that are accurate, reliable and consistent. This is the reason why 50+ dermo-cosmetic laboratories, CROs, and universities around the world have chosen our products for their product efficacy studies.

More than a mere dermoscope, C-Cube Clinical Research – Or C-Cube CR — is the most versatile instrument for color and surface analysis, specifically designed to be used in dermatology and cosmetic clinical trials. Its patented glossless lighting and exclusive color calibration turn each of its 10 million pixels into an actual color measurement. It also works as a handheld 3D scanner with micrometric resolution, allowing quantitative analysis of the smallest changes in microrelief. With these exclusive features, C-Cube Clinical research can be used to evaluate a variety of product effects: anti-aging, sun protection, moisturizing, pores and seborrhea, blemish and pigmentation, and of course, haircare.

You may use C-Cube CR’s color evaluation feature on a strand of hair to get an instant measurement of its color, expressed in the CIE Lab color space. Repeat the procedure over time on a strand of dyed hair, and you can accurately evaluate the dye resistance. Similarly, evaluate the dye’s coverage and evenness by studying the color’s variance, which C-Cube Clinical Research measures automatically.

You can also evaluate the scalp’s health by measuring the inflammation or desquamation of the skin: Part the hair to reveal the scalp and quickly capture a few images. Then use our analysis tools to target the skin – while excluding the hair – to quantify the redness, that is characteristic of erythema or inflammation. You can also take a sample of dandruffs with a sticky patch and take pictures of the patch with the C-Cube, to then automatically quantify the number of dandruffs, and therefore the scalp’s dryness.

Are you studying hair growth and hair loss treatments? You can use C-Cube CR for phototrichogram protocols and quickly obtain hair density and average growth measurements. Using Pixience Cloud, our externalized image analysis platform for C-Cube images, you have access to detailed statistical analysis of phototrichograms, performed by our experts.

In summary, C-Cube CR is an incredibly versatile instrument designed to help you with cosmetic product efficacy analysis. It offers relevant use-cases for haircare product evaluation, in addition to its dozens of other applications for clinical evaluation of the skin.

We invented C-Cube Clinical Research to bring you unique observations and convincing illustrations, and to offer an innovative alternative to the many single-application probes and instruments you are used to work with. Soon you may include the C-Cube in most of your studies.


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Romain Vié 
Technical Sales Engineer, Pixience
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