Measuring Slimming effect in 3D by Eotech

3 August 2022

EOTECH is known to provide 3D measuring solution on the Skin, Face, and body parts. They also have 11 years of experience in body measurement with their previous AEVA-HE/Visio4D setup.

They had the opportunity during the Covid time to develop a new positioning device which provides much easier use of the system and much more performances measuring body parts. Combined with their AEVAHE2 FOV XL (500 mm) or their new standard EvaBody sensor (600 mm), larger part of the body can be measured at once. The VisioHOP bench drives sensor positioning over 360° and over 1.20 m in height while the volunteer is standing steady on the foot strap and hanging a stabilization bar.

Their AEVA software controls the scanning operation over 360°, move the sensor up or down to scan another part. Each part will be assembled in one file and be connected to the upper or lower part measured. The different time point measurement will be aligned carefully to the baseline 3D data taking care of reliable region where the geometry is not changing.

Of course, measuring body on a very reproducible way is always a challenge taking care of breathing and volunteer global position while scanning, that is why their software provides control steps to produce the best results. The data analysis consists of to extract some body part to calculate volume and circumference changes. They also calculate the global deviation in pseudo color to illustrate the change in volume.

They also provide geometric measurements like direct distance (Belly size), section length in 3D, or angles. Their analysis task creates several calculated parameters in a file in csv format as well as illustrations in png format.

Because the study includes many volunteers, all calculated data are available in the same file for the same study.

The Aeva software provides bodyoriented study design to create the project adapted to their need. Moreover, the AEVA-HE sensor can have a color camera to acquire the color texture while measuring and map it on the 3D data. This can give information on the spot, scars, and melanoma on some body areas.

On Top of these capabilities, the VisioHOP system can be transform easily on a Face measuring device by clicking a chair on the elevation platform, and by sliding down the head holding device. This takes less than a minute (see their video: 231ab7ad).

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