Recommendation N°26 Cosmetics Europe on the Use of Alternative Methods to ISO 24444:2019 by Helioscreen

19 April 2022

Cosmetics Europe published the recommendation N°26 for alternative in vivo SPF test including the in vitro SPF method double plate.

Cosmetics Europe “we strongly recommend that CE members (and the test laboratories with whom they work) familiarise themselves with them as soon as possible so that, prior to the publication of the final ISO standards, they may be considered as alternative SPF tests to ISO24444:2019.”


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Following this recommandation N°26 CE and waiting for the publication of the ISO 23675 norm (in progress), at HelioScreen, we already propose this SPF in vitro double plate since many years.

HeSPF-4 – In Vitro SPF: multi-substrates with irradiation

This test consists in evaluating the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) which expresses the sun protection level of a sunscreen product through the full UV spectrum, using a multi-substrates approach (molded and sandblasted plates) on which the product has been spread by means of a robot and measured by means of a spectrophotometric method.
This method allows a higher correlation with in vivo results and the product was UV exposed to take into account any potential photo-unstability…



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