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Easily Find Clinical Testing and their Providers Around the World

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On Skinobs Platform

A unique platform dedicated to preclinical and clinical testing 


A platform launched in 2016, in response to a real need of manufacturers.

Skinobs is the 1st referral platform for preclinical and clinical testing. The purpose of the platform is to offer beauty industry professionals around the world, an intuitive and free database with all skin, nail, and hair testing solutions. A comprehensive and independent tool, Skinobs offers two platforms dedicated to preclinical tests (in-silico, in-tubo, in-vitro or ex-vivo) and clinical tests (in-vivo on humans) to optimize product development in terms of performance, cost, speed, and innovation.

Global reach and direct access to testing professionals

Skinobs allows R&D managers, formulators, marketing or regulatory managers, cosmetic brands, and active ingredient manufacturers, to identify for all claims, the best methods and measuring devices but also test laboratories. This allows direct and easy contact between professionals and efficient and fast exchanges. Today Skinobs has more than 7,000 users from 93 nationalities.

Two databases, to better understand preclinical and clinical testing.

The clinical studies platform lists 203 claims, 455 methods and 187 test laboratories, and the preclinical trials platform lists 350 methods, 53 mechanisms of action and 204 test laboratories.

To ensure the quality of the referenced information, Skinobs contacts each of the laboratories to know exactly the content of their expertise and the tests available. Thus, you access verified information, and you find the right partners to develop your products in the best possible way.

These two platforms help users throughout the search process, thanks to an intuitive dashboard, numerous filters, allowing them to choose from different categories of tests, claims, types of analyses for example.

The news feed, a real opening to the field of tests dedicated to the dermocosmetics industry.

Launched in 2015, and now with more than 4,000 articles, the blog in French and English, is the only media about the evaluation of the beauty industry. It offers the possibility of a search engine or a selection by filter. In addition, every Tuesday it becomes a newsletter that shares for free the best articles on innovations and trends in the world of testing and beauty, to more than 7,000 professional subscribers, every Tuesday.


Skinobs is therefore the effective solution to share with evaluation managers around the world, all information on tests, studies, and trials of any kind.



Anne Charpentier

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73100 Aix-les-Bains