Closer to the Skin by Eotech

26 January 2021

Since more than 20 years, our company develops, conceives, and offers innovation in the skin measurement especially for anti-aging effects like wrinkles and sagging on the face and body in general. Our solutions are composed of a positioning device, a very accurate and sensitive 3D scanner and a clinical studies oriented software, used every day by a big number of  company acting in the cosmetic field (manufacturer of active ingredients or cosmetic product or research laboratories) to support claims or measure the anti-aging efficacy of those products.

Each solution can either measure locally or globally a face and extract any zone of interest where aging effect are visible (crow’s-feet, eye bags, front, peri-oral, glabella or nasal folds, neck). Objective parameters can be calculated from each of these zones to quantify their number, depth or volume of those wrinkles and folds.

Images are also produced to illustrate those effects. The strong advantage of our solutions is the ability to reproduce the same measurement at different time points of the volunteers due to reliable repositioning, and the ability of our algorithms to extract the exact zones at these different time points.

Our technology improved significantly the past year to offer all of these capability of the full face by extracting all zone of interest (18) from one set of measurement and give a global evaluation of ageing signs like the wrinkle density witch is calculated by the ration of detected features divided by the total surface of the face.


Read the complete FOCUS#3: Focus#3 Anti-aging Clinical Testing.v2é.500


Jean-Jacques Servant

tel mobile : +33 786 583 280

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