Eurofins CRL Collaborates with L’Oreal in Executing Photoprotection Clinical Study

1 September 2021

Around the world the use of sunscreens has been promoted as part of a healthy routine to prevent skin cancer and premature skin aging. Thus, companies have been using technological advances and new UV filters to produce sunscreens that are effective and safe to use. In Fact, companies are introducing innovative ingredients to sunscreens to create products that provide not only protection against UVR but also skin hydration and antiaging effects.

In this journey, Eurofins | CRL has collaborated with L’Oreal Research & Innovation in the execution of a photoprotection clinical study to evaluate the impact of UVR on skin barrier properties and the efficacy of novel formulations. The methodology and outcome of this study was recently published in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, “Efficacy of Ceramide-Containing Formulations on UV-Induced Skin Surface Barrier Alteration.”

Eurofins | CRL, Inc. has provided the knowledge and experience in photoprotection methodology through customized protocols to aid companies like L’Oreal to improve the overall skin protection properties of their sunscreen products.

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