Multi-Directional in vivo Evaluation of Regenerating and Restructuring Effects by IEC Group

19 April 2022

IEC consolidates its expertise in the regenerating, repairing, restructuring or strengthening effects of the skin and barrier function with its protocol developed in 1998 and recent innovations in imaging.

A protocol with stripping and TEWL measurements in kinetics and over a period of 21 days to highlight the mechanisms of action of the products, deployed with the same rigor in the 9 IEC test centers in France, Bulgaria, South-Africa and Asia (Japan, Singapore, Korea and China) for a global multi-ethnic approach.

Protocol that can be supplemented by skin imaging analyses, with for example VisioScan® VC 20 plus (Courage&Khazaka), C-Cube® (Pixience), Fringe Projection (Dermatop™ Eotech) or 50 MHz ultrasound measurements (Dermcup™, Atys medical) for an objective analysis and visualization of the effects on the entropy and homogeneity of the dermis and of the skin surface. | Corporate and testing sheet: 

Read the entire ZOOM#23 here




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