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  • A unique and independent expertise.
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  • Real-time messaging for your exchanges.
  • A sorting of your exchanges by project.
Test method search functionality. Test methods and clinical / preclinical trials. Clinical test providers and preclinical testing. Service provider contact functionality. Test method search functionality.

They saved time and found adapted testing solutions with Skinobs

Parfums Christian Dior

"For me, Skinobs is a unique reference tool for searching in-vitro and in-vivo methods, thanks to the global, technical and worldwide vision it offers. I particularly appreciate the direct link it provides between claims and methodologies. Then, it saves me precious time in identifying laboratories around the world. I love exploring Cosmetics testing News for trends in this field to find new ideas for testing."

Virginie Couturaud Scientific Communication Director
Parfums Christian Dior

"The platform allows me to easily identify methods when I'm looking to objectify a particular claim. It's also very useful to be able to find laboratories around the world that can carry out these clinical studies. I also use the map when I'm looking for new centres in specific regions. Finally, the Cosmetics Testing News feed is a source of information that I particularly appreciate."

Bérangère Granger Clinical Evaluation Manager
Groupe Clarins

"The Skinobs Clinical Testing Platform has been a regular and valuable help in my testing projects since 2016. By consulting it, I can identify new methods for analyzing the skin and take stock of the measuring equipment for the parameters I want to measure. This easy access to a qualified overview of clinical testing possibilities saves me a lot of time in my monitoring."

Aline Rigal-Dachaud Vivo Innovation Project Manager, Ph.D
Groupe Clarins
Cos and Co

"With the Skinobs platform, I can easily identify measurement tools by claim, with simultaneous access to the most suitable laboratories. Thanks to the various filters, I can easily spot new technologies and new service providers. This platform gives me rapid access to more information about companies. Cosmetics Testing News enriches my knowledge of the field. In a single place, I get essential information for my evaluation projects."

Pascale Barlier Founder and CEO
Laboratoires Asepta

"Depending on my product brief, I can easily use the "claim" filter to find the possible evaluation techniques in line with my budget. And I save a lot of time when I'm looking for new investigation techniques. Thanks to the "provider" filter, I can discover new evaluation centres. The platform gives me a very complete and broad overview of techniques and enables me to find the test laboratory best suited to my needs."

Aglaë Lorand-Machard Scientific & Technical Director
Laboratoires Asepta

"Skinobs is the 1st platform to bring together all the CROs dedicated to both preclinical and clinical testing. It is a very useful platform when looking for new providers or methods. Skinobs is a unique and highly functional tool that offers a broader view of testing possibilities and allows to identify new providers. It provides an overview of the current solutions for a specific evaluation project."

Laetitia Cattuzzato Head of Biological & Clinical Evaluation
CLARIANT Actives & Natural Origins

"The link between claims and objectifivation methods makes it easier to explore the scientific validation of new consumer needs. This makes it very easy for me to know how to validate these new claims. And depending on my clients, I can find laboratories on different continents. For my various projects, I can quickly identify new evaluation methods and discover the latest testing innovations."

Séverine Mathé Business Executive North America
Lubrizol Life Science
La Peau Autrement

"As a technical-marketing consultant, Skinobs provides me with a real scientific understanding of testing and continually enriches my expertise. You always find 'much more' than what you are looking for: new ideas, new qualified service providers. With direct contact, feedback from testing providers is immediate. It is an agile search engine and a cutaneous biology database designed to speed up projects for the scientific valorization of active ingredients."

Corinne Dechelette PhD in cutaneous biology, Scientific consultant
La Peau Autrement

Frequently asked Questions

What is Skinobs?

Skinobs is a French company based in Aix-les-Bains, Savoie, that plays a dynamic role in the field of testing for the beauty industry.

The platform

Skinobs offers a search and matchmaking platform dedicated to cosmetics testing, acting as a crossroads between science and marketing players.

This platform allows players in this sector to search for testing services, validate the claims of their products, and directly contact providers around the world. It is divided into two sections: one dedicated to preclinical testing solutions, and the other to clinical testing solutions.

The preclinical section offers in-vitro, ex-vivo and in-silico testing methods, as well as related consulting services. It allows the search of methods based on various criteria such as claims, biomarkers, assay supports, etc.

The clinical section, on the other hand, is reserved for in-vivo testing methods, offering cosmeticians the opportunity to find the best methods for their products based on various parameters.
Learn more...

The News Feed

Skinobs also offers a news feed, the "Cosmetics Testing News", which brings together the latest information and trends in the dermocosmetics testing industry. By signing up for free, users can receive a weekly newsletter and access articles that can be filtered by review topics.


In addition to the platform and news feed, Skinobs offers specialized publications such as ZOOM, a biannual publication on the latest innovations, and FOCUS, a biannual publication in the form of a discussion panel. Skinobs also conducted a global study of clinical trials dedicated to the beauty industry in 2022, providing qualitative data and keys to understanding the market.


When it comes to events, Skinobs organizes various scientific events, both digital and physical. Among them, "Boost Your Test" in partnership with in-cosmetics Global, "Cosmetotest", an international symposium dedicated to research innovations in dermocosmetics, "We Are Testing" allowing testing players to meet evaluation managers, and webinars with industry players presenting their innovations and allowing interaction with experts.

Skinobs' overall goal is to boost the testing field by fostering exchange and collaboration between players in the beauty industry.

What does the Clinical Section of the Testing Platform do?

The clinical section of Skinobs' testing platform offers unlimited access to comprehensive information about in-vivo testing, providing details on available services. Here's what this section offers:

Find the services:

  • • More than 430 in-vivo evaluation services are listed on the clinical section.
  • • Use 12 advanced filters and endless search combinations to find the services you want.
  • • Search testing methods and consulting services for your projects.
  • • Save and compare services through a dedicated interface.
  • • Export this interface as a PDF to easily share the information with your colleagues.

Find and contact service providers:

  • • More than 200 providers, including CROs (test labs), instrumentation manufacturers and consultants, are listed.
  • • Consult the identity sheet of each service provider to obtain all the necessary information.
  • • Use the Global Provider Map to pinpoint the location of all providers, including their subsidiaries.
  • • Contact service providers directly via a tailor-made messaging tool.

Track the progress of your evaluation projects:

  • • Create projects to categorize your saved services and your conversations with providers.
  • • Take notes directly related to your favorite services for easy follow-up.

Access Skinobs publications and events:

  • • The platform centralizes Skinobs' publications and events, including the Cosmetics Testing News, ZOOM, FOCUS, and Global Clinical Trials Market Research Synthesis.
  • • Find out about the next events in which Skinobs will participate, whether physical or digital.

The clinical section aims to provide users with a comprehensive and efficient way to find, compare, contact providers, and track their assessment projects, while staying informed about the latest Skinobs publications and events.

Is it free to use the platform?

Yes, the platform is completely free for manufacturers of cosmetic ingredients and finished products.

This free is  during the beta period of the Skinobs platform. This gives you unlimited access to all the features at no cost:

  • • Search for services through all search filters.
  • • Access to all service providers and their information.
  • • Contacts with service providers.
  • • Projects.
  • • Save & comparison of services...

Our commitment during this phase is to provide a complete and accessible experience for all users. We encourage you to explore the benefits of our platform at no cost during this time, while contributing to its continuous improvement through your feedback and suggestions..

Visit our FAQ Guide for decision-makers

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Discover a unique overview of skin, scalp, hair and nail measurement technologies through ZOOM publications, news and trends from laboratories and instrumentation manufacturers, and FOCUS, a panel discussion of experts by study topic.

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Events Meet us?

It is an opportunity to meet with us to talk about your testing projects and help you find the most suitable methods and the best testing providers.

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